Chris Dunn – the value and preciousness of human life

I can’t post at the moment with any ease – my keyboard went wrong, so I’m only able to use the on-screen keyboard, which is too labrious, but I want to share this story in case you’ve not seen it.

“But what is happening to 46-year-old Chris Dunn, a former EMT and Homeland Security officer, is no joke.

Sara Gonzales reports for Red State, Dec. 7, 2015 that Dunn is fighting to stay alive, against a death panel at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas, because despite indicating his wish to stay alive, the hospital plans to terminate his life.

In the video below, Chris’s family attorney asks him: “Chris, we’re trying to make sure the hospital will continue giving you good care. Do you want to stay alive?”

Unable to speak, Chris answers by nodding his head and placing his hands together in prayer and supplication.”

Please read the rest here: Link

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Please write to Marc Boom at the hospital and tell him you support Chris’ right to life.

Please support Chris’s family by donating here:

Pleas pray.

God Bless



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