Now for a little treat, I’ll demineralise my teeth…?

I’m sorry there was no post yesterday – I’ve got a dental abscess, and it hurts. I’m glad to say it’s improving, and the pain is going now – phew! But I have had to connect up some dots about my dental health, and I realised something shocking – most of the ‘treats’ we consume really do result in damage to our dental health which is not related to how much we brush our teeth!

Eating sweets and in particular whole grains (which we have been told are good for our health) causes our bodies to demineralise our teeth rather than re-build them. We can demineralise, or remineralise with every meal we eat!


Now I’ve recently gone over to a much healthier diet courtesy of this site: and that is helping me, but along the way I’ve eaten more grains than I should because they help to… er…. keep me regular. This is an issue for me – if I don’t eat grains I can suffer from constipation, so I was keeping one foot in both camps, but also I have problems with my bite sometimes, and that can lead to just the kind of dental trauma that leads to dental abscesses. So it’s been a difficult choice – but the answer is to increase the remineralising foods, like oily fish and chicken broth, and cut out grains for a while. I’ve known about this aproach for some time but really haven’t given it the attention it needed.

You can read more about curing your own dental health issues here:

His book is also excellent, and you can buy that from his website, or at Amazon and other book retailers.

God designed you perfectly – every system of your body is designed to heal if dealt with correctly. Teeth are not just things that last as long as they do and wear out – they are organs, and they are designed to heal and repair as and when materials are available. In fact it’s true to say that the state of your health can be seen in the health of your teeth – if teeth are suffering you’ve probably got issues elsewhere too. Diet seems to be key to this, and foods that heal teeth are healing to the whole body – including raw dairy, bone broths and oily fish.

If you’re having dental abscess issues, I recommend this site for home remedies as well as the site above. If in doubt see your dentist.

To your dental health!

God Bless you