Necessity is the mother of invention – UPDATED AGAIN

How often have you heard or used that phrase? Well I don’t think it would be any more apt than in this story from the Daily Mail (Link)


Yes, really:

unclean 2

It’s rather amusing, but also very sad. I cannot imagine what life must be like for lorry drivers who cross borders today – the risk not only of having the back of your wagon broken into (and why, guys? because you don’t have adequate locks? Your back doors CAN be locked securely, and even have special types of lock fitted which are tamper proof – I know this because my ex boyfriend was a lorry driver), but of being used as a free ride into another country as well.

I call upon lorry drivers to refuse to work on routes that cross borders without adequate locks. You shouldn’t feel the need to resort to this kind of behaviour to make your point.

Perhaps this story is just so much more propaganda – who knows with what we see in the papers today. Whether it is true or false, it is painting a very poor picture of our border security.

God Bless you



Following on from this I did some research, and it shows that lorry drivers are being FINED if they carry illegals, even if they are unaware of them and report them to the police themselves. This comes from a trucker forum: (Link – and I recommend you read it all)

trucker 1

trucker 2

Click for full size, or visit the site to read the thread.

It’s incredible, isn’t it? Well not really. The rules of the road are like that – you, as a lorry driver, are responsible for your load and your vehicle. You have to check everything from your wheel nuts to whether your load is secure, and not likely to fall off the vehicle. If anything, even a piece of paper, falls off your vehicle, on the public road, you can be fined. Mud off a tractor used to make my ex very angry – but the rules are not the same for farmers it would seem!

This is why loads should be covered etc. But vehicle security is perhaps not a high priority for vehicle manufacturers, and if you are driving a vehicle with shipping containers on board, you have no control over the security level of the container you collect – all you can do is check the vehicle after every stop.

This is bad news for truckers.

God Bless you


Here is a video I found today too – this is what truck drivers are up against – lots of swearing in this (subtitled). Absolutely appalling, and WHERE ARE THE POLICE???? Standing around in FANCY DRESS as far as I can see.