Corbyn’s paper crown – is he a hand-picked candidate to take us into war?

If you want to make a viewpoint unacceptable, there is one really simple way to do it – set up a puppet opposition, make that their viewpoint and get the media to throw the rotten tomatoes at them.

Corbyn’s anti-war standpoint is justified only so long as the public don’t believe the false-flag attacks which are being set off here and there.

We’ve been manoeuvred into position to accept a war we don’t want, so what better than to reinforce that with this ‘strawman’ leader who embodies all that the public don’t like and don’t respect?

corbyn puppetry

Take a look at this pic from Buzzfeed – they have chosen a picture which makes him look daft, even dangerous. What could be better? Pillorying this so-called opposition is a fast way to bring all ‘right-thinking’ individuals to heel and get them on-side for WWIII

Pay attention to the viewpoints ‘they’ don’t want you to hold!

God Bless you