Do we need to open AND close our minds?

This thought came to me yesterday, and it relates to the issue of NLP – NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) is MORE effective on open minded people, because open minded people are much easier to reason with, and therefore more willing to ‘move’ on an issue than closed minded people. Open mindedness, and this particular weakness in the face of NLP are both strongly associated with high IQ. Closed minded people may be generally less intelligent, but they are safer from the kind of manipulation that society keeps chucking at us, because they have limited their thinking and therefore aren’t likely to be swayed against their will. This can work two ways, of course, if they have been propagadised in school to believe evolution, for example, they aren’t going to find it easy to accept the truth!

So what are open-minded folk to do?

Well, as you know, I take everything back to a biblical standpoint, and as I know that the word of God is my food, and my source of information, no matter what I am opening my mind to, the bible is the first reference I am going to check anything new against, if at all possible.

In this way, I am opening my mind to read about something, then book-ending that thinking by ‘closing’ my mind again using the word of God – it puts a full stop on the thinking, allowing me to make a conclusion which I can stand with for as long as God needs me to (and accepting there may be more or a lot more to know).

An example of this was the flat earth information. It makes sense – checking against the bible I now accept it as fact. My mind has been safely closed again with the new information integrated as far as possible with the word of God.

I will add here that we can use our intellect to put barriers between outselves and God – obstacles to keep Him away – or we can use our intellect to help us understand and ACCEPT God. That can be a challenge, but it’s the best choice, and for me it is a conscious choice.

Back to the issue at hand. I want to finish this by suggesting that you take time to open your mind to credible sources. Open your mind to ‘uncredible’ sources, if ‘credible’ means mainstream-media propaganda (that’s all a matter of outlook, isn’t it?). However, remember – remember to close your mind at the end! How? Think about what you have read or seen, and draw a conclusion in your own mind – book-end the thinking with a decision.

For example ‘this is a load of nonsense’ or maybe ‘this is probably factual – I’ll do some more research’ or ‘this doesn’t gel with the word of God as I understand it, so I reject it’ or ‘this explains so-and-so I read in the old testament, so I accept it.’

In doing that, you are not limiting your thoughts – you are opening your mind – but you are defining the correct from the questionable at each stage, and thus protecting your mind from the kind of overwhelm which I believe the modern ‘infobesity’ epidemic is giving us. We’re all surrounded with information, but we must use discernment to know what is true.

Finally, in all things PRAY about it! If you can’t find something in the bible that someone has told you and which sounds credible, PRAY about it! Whatever you do, and whatever you are told you need to do – take it to the word of God!

So that was my thought yesterday. I can’t guarantee it’ll work for you, but I hope it helps!

God Bless you