A little NLP guidance for spotting crisis actors

Yes, really. I watched this video:

Watch her eyes. Which direction is she looking up?

When we think, our eyes move in particular directions according to how we are using our brain. This has been quite well documented within NLP, and I think, whether it’s 100% valid (I disapprove of NLP!) or not, I thought it was well worth checking it out, and what did I find? (source)

NLP lying eyes

I hope you can read that OK. Lo’ and behold! The young lady in the video is looking up and to the left – a visually CONSTRUCTED image. She is thinking on the hoof to create something which fits the narrative of the ‘part’ she is PLAYING. She isn’t recalling something, she’s constructing a story for the camera.

Watch out for others – if you have another video of something like this, please post a link in the comments!

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