Re-stocking the farm – the reason behind the migrant crisis?

Oh those lucky migrants – they are being herded, by Rothschild pawn George Soros, into their new enclosure – Europe. You see this was all planned long ago – because we’ve been constantly lied to about population growth in the West, and persuaded to seek careers, thrills and every form of personal irresponsibility instead of solid and healthy family ideals. It makes us so much easier to shove about if we don’t have the strong emotional health that results for healthy balanced relationships and having families (which helps to mature us as people, I’m sure).

Watch The Overpopulation Myth here:

Now, thanks to Jane Burgermeister’s blog (Link), we see that the UN has been on the migration band wagon for a long time. These documents from 2001 show that the plan to re-stock Europe with fresh ‘cattle’ to be farmed for their taxes and ability act as collateral on and to pay the debts accrued on each country’s behalf by leaders beholden to debt-based monetary supplies (Mr Rothschild and his banking cronies), has been in place for a while.

Take a look at this: (source)

UN document replacement immigration

And this: (source)

replacement immigration

59-99% by 2050?

So that is why these waves are being forced on Europe – not just the inevitable breakdown of the social safety-net which Europeans currently have, via the Cloward-Piven Strategy (Link), but the oppression of Europeans who are being trained by media to give up THEIR culture so as not to offend incomers, and ultimately of course, this re-stocking effect – bringing in those who will, no-doubt, be given citizenship so that these countries, whose population is dwindling, can maintain a bankable enough number of citizens so as to not have their loans called in. If you think that last bit is a joke, look into the strawman and your birth certificate. I have a video which probably covers what you need to know linked here: Link

So it should be no surprise to see this:

Whatever war is going to be unleashed via this strategy, whether it’s a civil war, a fake propagandised external threat or whatever the plan is, it will be assuredly very profitable for the usurers and their underlings.

Girls, don’t date a banker. Don’t date a soldier. Stay away from anyone who does not share your beliefs and ideals!

God Bless you