Communism and fascism are peas in a pod – humanity is not safe while they are espoused

Oh does the intrigue ever end? Does it get to you just how we’re being herded like cattle into a human apocalypse? MARANATHA! Yeshua come quickly!

I watched this horrible video (I was glad I was watching on a tabbed browser so I could look away at times, because it was so horrible, but you NEED to watch it, and read the subtitles – don’t miss a minute, please, I urge you)

Now having watched that you need to understand this:

Communism isn’t the ideology that will kill you, nor is fascism – they are both simply extremes which effectively ‘meet round the back’. If freedom, self-government and self-determination are right in the middle of the spectrum, in both cases fascism and communism are opposites of this – they are the antithesis of freedom. It doesn’t matter which you get, nor what you call it, it is a moral failure because it demeans man to the status of slave, allows psychopaths to reign over the innocent and take not only what they produce but their properties and also their very lives.

fasciam and communism

No-one has the right to do that. Yet we are sleep walking into a fascist/communist nightmare right now. As Juri Lina points out in his film, Trotsky said that the political ideology which most closely resembles the desires of freemasonry is communism. Communism is one form of oppression. It is also clear from the nature of the bolshevik revolution that it was also desirable to talmudic judaism – and of course it would be, bearing in mind their belief that they are a master race and that all mankind should serve them (source). That isn’t an anti-semitic comment by the way – you will not find that ideology amongst karaites nor reform judaisms jews – only talmudic jews. But now look at this quote from 20th century journalist Pierre van Paassen:

“Civilita Cattolica, house organ of the Jesuits, says quite frankly “Fascism is the regime that corresponds most closely to the concepts of the Church of Rome.”

I’ve written before about the new ‘world leader’, Pope Francis (Link)

We are moving towards a world dictatorship very fast, urged ever onward by liars in top positions. Never in history have we seen such a level of ‘iniquity in high places.’ Fascists and communists both want to restrict your freedom, take your stuff, tell you what to do and reduce you to vacuuous ignorance about what is really going on.

When we look at gun-control, for instance, does it shock you to see just how blatantly this has, throughout history, preceeded the murders of millions of defenceless citizens?

gun control(source)

Does that shock you? Have you decided to get a gun yet? Well do it while you can – it’s too late for many citizens in countries already fully disarmed.

Now for the distasteful conclusion. Whilst communism is desirable to the freemasons and talmudic judaism, and fascism is desirable to the catholic church mankind is not safe. All these groups work without public scrutiny and above the law (when possible). They are using vehicles like ‘climate change’ to strong arm us into giving up our ideas of self-determination, freedom of thought and choice.

Againa I say MARANATHA!

God Bless you