Let me get this straight…

Immigration laws in the UK are a disgrace at the very best of times (don’t get me started on that subject). Now we see this ridiculous situation:

appeasing the massesHaha! Hilarious – let me get this straight.

Spouses in the UK who wish to have foreign national husbands or wives join them in the UK must prove they have enough income to support their partner before a VISA is granted. At the last time I read the figure it was £18,600 – I think that was before tax, but still for the north of England that’s more than many will get. The financial rules are a travesty in themselves, frankly (particuarly because the sum required is the same if you live in London or Bradford – yet in London you couldn’t live comfortably on it, and up north it would be more than enough if you could earn it). My point is that the two women who have applied for their husbands have presumably sufficient financially – which means they are TAX PAYING and fully contributing members of British society!

Now I know that this country is a target for many immigrants – my boyfriend said many in Colnbrook said that they would have headed to America if they could have afforded to go there, but Britain was the second choice.

How many will we take in who will end up on benefits?

Yet a fully contributing tax payer cannot have their spouse here? A spouse who, I might add, will NOT be allowed to work, so their ability to speak English is rather a moot point!

What they want is for these women to LEAVE the UK, and take their hard work out of our economy so that the NUMBERS of how many ‘immigrants’ we have will look better. It’s a very popular move amongst the unthinking masses who take their opinions from unelected media stooges for the NWO.


God Bless you