Breaking News: Shoot to kill is now the policy – no trials for terrorists?

Here we have the triumphant headline from the Daily Mail:

no trialWell that’s handy because had they caught him ALIVE we might have had a trial and it might have come out how he was radicalised, and who by, and how he was funded by America and it’s allies (Link) as part of direct funding of ISIS to fulfill their own ends in the middle east?

Dead terrorists tell no tales. In fact dead people can be called anything that suits the narrative of the state – it paints the state as heroic for killing a person – a person who has not been tried or convicted on the basis of EVIDENCE by a jury of their peers. No, they’re simply shot dead and that’s the end of any chance to find out anything more.

Mind you, if you watch the videos in my previous post, you’d know that ‘evidence’ may be false too. Link

Don’t believe what you see. Don’t believe what you read – not even here – research this for yourself.

God Bless you