Why you may be struggling to become a Christian, and reasons for difficulties in evangelising New Agers

This short video is just me sharing some of my story, and how I felt about becoming a Christian before I became one. I really didn’t want to be a Christian – in fact I would say I was pretty much allergic to the idea. I now understand why, but back then I didn’t. God has been good to me, but if you are in that place where the very thought of mixing with Christians makes you unseasy, uncomfortable or down-right ready to puke – this may be why. Demons and their hold in your life through sin.

Deliverance is the children’s bread – it’s not something we should ignore. Demons have a hold over new Christians, and we, as more mature in the faith, might find this viewpoint useful in handling the transition of new Christians into church and into fellowship.

God Bless you