What is wrong with this picture?

I wrote this piece as a draft a while ago, and then added this video by James Corbett, and I’m grateful for his information as always – in fact what he’s saying only adds credence to my observations.

Take a moment to just look at the image. Just take a good look. See what you notice before you read on.


Ok, two things leap out at me, which won’t occur to those who see these things and believe the MSM narrative. I know you, if you’re reading this blog, probably see things differently to the MSM too, but let me make a couple of observations:

Firstly – there is a huge disparity between the height of the ‘natives’ in jumpsuits, and the ‘aggressors’. In fact if you told me that the guys from ISIL are actually strapping American/Western mercenaries/military, I would believe you [now, maybe SAS?]. Of course, you’d just be a conspiracy theorist, but then if you noticed the long line of lovely shiny vehicles they’ve got and their covered faces in this and other images, (Muslim men don’t cover their faces, generally…). They could equally be a different nationality, but they certainly have the bearing, physically, of those who are NOT of that geographic region. They are tall and broad shouldered. The ‘war’ ISIL are claiming to fight is ‘ideological’ not racial – they are racially the same as those they are executing, we are lead to believe, but you can see something is wrong with this picture.

Secondly, the people in orange jumpsuits are wearing orange jumpsuits!!!! Orange jumpsuits are commonly seen in US prisons. They are commonly seen in Guantanamo. Why would ISIL choose to use these for their prisoners? Where did they get them? US supplies…? Possibly. Yet the public are asleep in general.

Is America behind this? I don’t know. I just know that whomever is dressed in black in this picture is probably not from that region at all. There is too much disparity.

My only other observation is that, if you were going to stage this (you know, Hollywood style), you might make the ‘aggressors’ appear larger than their ‘victims’ to make them look even more scary. So this is another possibility.

My only reaction to this ISIL nonsense is this:


Yes, bog roll (in the English vernacular).

Please whenever you see images, even horrible ones, take a moment to observe what is really going on. When you are shown a row of dead bodies, take a moment – if they are laying with their upper arms folded under them, they weren’t dead when they hit the ground, and may not be dead at all. That kind of thing. Be a suspicious observer, and log what you find – somewhere, anywhere. The more of us do, the quicker freedom can and will be restored.

Refuse to be terrorised by images or headlines. Remember that what is on the front page today is the output of organisations like the Build-a-burgers (Bilderbergers) – don’t allow their narrative to impact your plans for your life of freedom within the parameters of goodness, godliness and love (under common law, for example).

God Bless you



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