It was only a matter of time before I was going to agree with Jeremy Corbyn

Ack! Who wants to agree with a socialist? Well I can’t help it, the man is right – so right that even his party are outraged at him. Yay!

Corbyn is rightYes, the government want to use special forces to shoot to kill on Britain’s streets. We didn’t even do that when we had IRA bombs left right and centre. It’s amazing to think how moderate and sensible the battle-axe Margaret Thatcher was. I never thought I would agree with her, but we’ve gone so far beyond what is reasonable now that we are putting the public at risk.

Criminals, and terrorists are one form of criminal, need to be caught, jailed (not bailed) and tried before a jury. Once sentenced, they can be locked up for as long as necessary.

We don’t have a death penalty in this country – and we shouldn’t accept one being introduced by stealth in the name of any kind of terror emergency. This is to make political capital out of a despicable crime.

To allow special forces to shoot to kill on our streets is to risk innocent deaths like the death of Jean Charles De Menezes, who was murdered on a tube train in front of horrified passengers, by armed police.

jean charles de menezesThe man they killed is pictured on the left, the man the were looking for, and mistook him for is pictured on the right. To get them confused and murder an innocent man is a travesty. Justice is not served when it is applied carelessly and with haste.

Let us never forget that.

God Bless you