Let’s take a little look at the vile underbelly of the warmongers, shall we?

I am not opposed to fighting for what is right – if God tells you to fight, you fight. If Mr Rothschild and his vile little cronies machinate to get your country to go to war without your express consent – well that’s an act of war in itself, in my view – an act of war on your country by the banksters.


That said, something horrible just happened in Paris – something despicable. I suspect this was a false flag, or at least, like 9/11, they knew it was coming and didn’t stop it. That’s my theory. I’m not pro-islam – I am not. I just know that real evil is running this world, and these things are being played to their advantage.

Let’s take a look at the headlines, shall we?

this is warOne way to declare war is to use the words – no-one currently thinks France is at war, but they are. We’re being set up to join in.

pope wwiii aThe pope too is talking up a third world war. I hope he is against the idea, but knowing he is a Jesuit I am unable to trust his motives in using these words.

warmongersI hope that Piers Morgan will be the very first to put his three sons in uniform and ship them off to the front lines, seeing as he is so happy to bang the drums for war. Katie Hopkins has three children – when will we see them dressed in military uniform Katie? Oh, I get it – it’s OTHER PEOPLE’S children who are going to die to protect this country, yes?

No – we are going to say NO.

I made this video a while ago, and never really shared it. Making it made me cry. I cry every time I watch it. It’s not full of shocking images, it just makes you think and reminds you that we’ve been here before, and we must not allow ourselves to be drawn into this evil again.

There is great evil afoot in this world right now – great evil. It is on the warpath, and it has been for a long time. We have been drawn in bit by bit, and are being prepared for war on the home front. I haven’t written much about that previously – I’ve had pieces written but not posted. I guess they are about to become more relevant.

It’s time to get right with God. Nothing else is going to matter.

God Bless you



4 thoughts on “Let’s take a little look at the vile underbelly of the warmongers, shall we?”

  1. If it were not the Rothschilds, it would be another family serving Lucifer through the employers of the bankers, the royal family with its rabid ambition to own the world. That is another way of saying that they want anything anywhere the sun never sets, they seek a monarchical, feudal New World Order under their rule, and they have had that spirit before King John. Look out, nobles, House of Lords, the Magna Carta is in danger.
    These policies involve some Jews, but not most, because of their many skills. They obey God’s plan to survive as a people to meet Messiah on Mount Zion, and to do that, they must live and not be assimilated while scapegoated for almost every abomination that can be imagined. You try to do that!
    The United States has its share of participants, and they are helping the royals achieve the goal of “recovering the American colony.” One of the many tactics involves Rhodes Scholarships.
    Examples of the wars of royals through bankers involving the United States: the Revolutionary War; War of 1812; perhaps/probably, the Mexican American War; the Civil War; WW I; and WW II. Present troubles with Iran go back to the overthrow of Mossadegh, 1953, for the black gold wanted by the royals of Great Britain and the Netherlands.

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    1. The devil will use whoever worships him I think – at every level of society. I believe we are being given into the hands of the enemy by God for our sins of disobedience, and yes justice is very much in danger. Every day we see we are being lied to, we are being lead astray, we are being socially engineered to accept the unacceptable. It’s awful, and you may well be right about the crown having much to do with it – I’m not sure. I just know that it is to God and Yeshua I must look, and let everything else fall where it may. I don’t trust any source if it conflicts with the bible today – yep, I’m one of them! Lol 🙂


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