Good news! A testimony of God’s healing

I want to share this with you, because it’s miraculous. I’m going to show you an icky picture – my dog had a cyst or growth of some kind in his mouth. No idea how long it had been there – I only found it because he seemed to be chewing something one evening while I was eating my dinner (ick!) and suddenly there was blood! Oh no! I looked and he had this huge growth.

26102015645I deliberately didn’t make that image too big – it’s pretty gross!

Well, being skint and unable to afford the vet, I considered my options. The first one which came to mind was to tie a string around the very thin base of it, and it would just drop off after a while. This is how lambs tails are docked, so it ought to work for this too, I thought. I spoke to my more medically savvy boyfriend, and he concurred.

So I tried that, and the string disappeared! I must have knotted it wrong. I tried again, and he got it off again! The third time he wasn’t even going to let me try. I gave up, and thought I’d look again in his mouth in a few days – I’ve poked it enough, perhaps it’s sore.

I prayed to God to heal him, and I think I also cursed that little lump too.

Well a week or more later, he came to me for a fuss, and thought I’d just have a look at it again. Well it’s gone.


Now that is a miracle, and it’s God. I’m so grateful for that, and so blessed by that.


God Bless you