Guidance for Christians using complementary therapy

As I’ve written before, I am an ex-complementary therapist. You can read about that here.

My reason for writing today is to give you some pointers if you are going to use a complementary therapy. Not all complementary therapies are occult (!) and the most common, like massage, for instance, requires the same level of clarity of thought, discernment and wisdom that I’m hoping you’ll feel enabled towards by what I’m going to share, as if you were considering any other complementary therapy. Very often the risk is more from the therapist than the therapy itself, and I’ll explain that in a moment.


First of all, and this is key – go to God! Ask Him what you should do! (I’ve written about this before: Link) You might need to go and talk to someone, you might need some physical adjustment, or you might need something else. Receiving care that you pay from from a private therapist is not a sin if it is sought in a godly way. There are also very good reasons to avoid the doctor, so don’t rule out complementary therapy if you need some help. (Read about Doctors and Pharmakeia here: Link) At it’s most basic, care is something we all need, what we don’t need is to have that mixed up with spiritual things which can harm us and our walk with God. Care might be a back massage from our husband, but if we are alone, we might need to pay for that care.

Second of all, has a fellow Christian recommended someone? Is this a personal recommendation from a successful treatment? Were they able to see the theapist and then stop seeing them again? Beware of therapists who keep you coming back too regularly. A six-monthly check up is one thing, but monthly appoinmtents that don’t reap major benefits are lining the pockets of your therapist and may not be necessary.

If you find a therapist you want to go to, these are the important things to remember. When I say ‘remember’ I don’t mean so much to merely bear them in mind, I mean you to take them seriously and ACT on them should the need arise.

If you visit a therapist and their office contains pagan or occult symbols, Buddha statues or other such paraphernalia, DO NOT GO BACK. This person is at best New Age and at worse, they could be practicing witchcraft (and I’m not kidding when I say that, a fellow therapist in my own former therapy was a practicing witch, and no, you’d never know to look at her!). You may get some clues from the name of the therapy centre – many of them have New Age warning signs if you can spot them.

If, when you have had a treatment or two, or three, or ten (!) you find that you are less inclined to read the bible, go to church or pray, DO NOT GO BACK! Even a masseur who is a New Ager, or even completely irreligious, can be demonised and transfer demons to you through touch. Some New Age therapists take a very strong view that Christianity is wrong, and have a desire to rid you of it, even if you haven’t told them (their familiar spirits, if they have them, may tell them to ‘pray for you’ while they are working on you – you can see how this might be harmful!)

If you feel any strong change in your relationship to God, DO NOT GO BACK. I say this because you might suddenly have a desire to worship Him in a different way, or to read books on comparative religions, you may find yourself embracing New Age viewpoints with a passion – this is a false religion, and you’ve picked it up like a flu bug right there in the treatment room.

Always check out any therapy you use with God, first of all. Then look it up online and see what it involves. Please steer clear of any therapy that tells you that it’s going to align your chakras, or balance your energy. Please steer clear of any therapy which claims it can work on you at distance. Please avoid any therapy with spiritual claims attached – it might be to deal with past lives, or other such concepts – keep away.

Remember wherever you go, other than to God direct, for healing, you are opening a door. Always. That door may let in a sweet Christian person, or it may let in a demon, but when you are laying on a treatment couch and you are in pain, you will let a therapist do pretty much whatever they want to make you feel better. This is when you are most vulnerable.

Consider your health prayerfully – and if you have ever been to a therapist before and had issues with your relationship to God afterwards, please repent with contrite heart. Your Father in heaven knows your desperation, and knows you are vulnerable to the lies of the devil, and He’ll forgive you, but you must repent and break all ties to the therapist and therapy that has harmed your walk with the Lord.

I’ll be writing more about this subject over the coming weeks and months. If you have a question about a specific therapy, please leave a comment.

God Bless you



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