Radiation is being leaked all over – and the government stays silent

I’ve talked before about why I think this is – I mean it’s not a coincidence – you only have to look at this previous post:

Radio-Eugenics and Fukushima – the spiritual tale of humanity’s destruction

to see that there is likely a nefarious aspect to what is happening right now.

I’ll just give you a quick quote from that second article:

“Well since the 11th March 2011 the Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan has been spewing out radiation. It is estimated that the amount of radioactive material in the cores of the reactors that were damaged was equivalent to 48.6 Chernobyl disasters. […]

Yet there is no international effort to staunch the flow – there is no world committee coming together to resolve this issue – the stuff pours out day after day. […]

“Cosmic Humanism” published in the mid-1960s promotes and justifies the following on radio-eugenics:

“1) Using atomic energy (radiations) to initiate the genic (or chromosome) changes which cause mutations; and 2) doing this under the guidance of a psychosocial field to control the course of the biological changes so that the form of emergence is determined.” (pp. 528-9)”[…]

Fukushima spews on, yet governments continue in their blithe way – socially engineering our countries towards a UN global apocalyptic vision of people living in tiny little apartments – the few of us that survive, and the New Agers are craving that ‘spiritual evolution.’”

So should it be any surprise that this is now a worsening situation, not only at Fukushima, but also at various sites throughout the United States – and yet nothing is being done to protect humanity or nature – I mean let’s cut that dastardly CO2, which is actually plant food, but don’t worry about radiation?!

Here is just a little of what is going on: (click images to go to the articles)

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plume map

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Yes, media silence is deafening, when the intention is to keep everyone distracted by ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ or some other lowest common denominator TV extravaganza, and when you’ve done everything you can to lower the level of education, the level of engagement and the level of hope that all your countrymen have – well the population are leaving it to you, governments, to resolve this if they know anything about it at all. You of course, are being run by the very same cabals that WANT radio-eugenics.

God will not be mocked! ‘Evolution’ as created by mankind, will mean the destruction of this once-healthy planet, and the creation of an Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 nightmare.

I would still like to believe that I am wrong about this, but it looks as though this is being handled badly on purpose.

God Bless us all.