Antibiotic information we all need to know

Antibiotics are mostly formed from fungi – it’s fungi which produce the chemical component which kills the bacteria. Taking a lot of antibiotics can result in fungal infections, and this is no laughing matter long-term. This interesting snippet is very useful information:

“Utilizing my self-developed iridological analysis, I discovered that IBS and Crohn’s mainly have been caused by penicillin and vaccines. Penicillin infects us with fungus that is not natural to humans but is common in birds. Very often, penicillin travels to intestines, makes roots and lives there. Too often, it lives in the intestines and nervous system for a life time, unless we know how to gradually eliminate it. Penicillin fungus interferes with digestion and causes many intestinal problems and diseases. Too often, I have found that penicillin mold lives in our brains, causing many cognitive problems. I know of only one way to naturally eliminate penicillin fungus without serious side effects.”—Aajonus Vonderplanitz (source)

His method is called the penicillin destroyer, and is as follows:

“If 5’10” or taller increase proportions accordingly (ex. 5’10” = slightly more, 6’2″ = a little more). If around 5’2″ or shorter, decrease proportions appropriately (ex. 5’2″ = slightly less, 4’9″ = a little less). For average height person, about 5’2″ to 5’9″:


– 3.5 tbsp lime juice
– 1 tsp lemon juice
– 3 tbsp coconut cream (OR 1.5 oz. of coconut meat, already blended)
– 1 tbsp dairy cream
– 1 small kiwi
– 3 tbsp unheated honey


– 3 oz. naturally sparkling mineral water (ex. Perrier, Apollinaris, San Pellegrino, Gerolsteiner, etc.)

Drink slowly (sip over 10 minutes).

This recipe can be made without a blender (by chewing, spitting out, then mixing).

This recipe can be consumed as often as every 3 days (for those with long histories of taking mold/penicillin-based antibiotics or diseases or conditions resulting specifically from mold/penicillin-based antibiotics).. Because it is very antibacterial, it is not recommended to consume more frequently than that as it can lower healthy intestinal and bodily bacteria levels as well as can interfere with digestion of certain nutrients (such as minerals).

This recipe can also be used as a RAW ANTIBIOTIC (raw food-based antibiotic alternative). Appling a hot rubber water bottle to the affected area or taking a warm bath in filtered/toxin-free water will boost the antibiotic effect by both increasing circulation (and nutrients) to the infected area and by instigating the healing cycle of bacteria as is normally performed via fever. 1/2 cup of clay such as TerraMin clay in the bath can remove toxins in the water.

Organic items are always best, but conventional can be used as well in the recipe. All items used in this recipe MUST be 100% raw, or the benefits will be diminished or even neutralized altogether.” (source)

This is a post to bookmark for future reference – this antibiotic is very powerful and for those who are sensitive to pharmaceutical medications, it could be important. You’ll also find the website in the resources section of the blog now.

If you are looking to improve your immune system, working to improve your gut flora is the place to start, because it accounts for 70% of your immune system – so you can see how harmful it might be to take an antibiotic even once every couple of years for any reason. Natural probiotics such as Kombucha tea and fresh live yogurt are a good place to start, but you might like to try others – there’s a great list here: Link

Kombucha tea is one of my favourites – I’d love to have that again! You can probably get this from ebay and make your own – there are lots of online resources to teach you how to make it.

Antibiotics are one of the most prevalent drugs prescribed – they are not without their risks, and a quick look over the antibiotic information on will show you the devastating harm they may be creating. We have to find natural alternatives and use them – if you have a favourite home-made antibiotic recipe, please share it or link it in the comments below.

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    1. It’s really hard to recover from these things sometimes, isn’t it? A good probiotic can help, but I’m going to try the recipe there and see if it helps to get rid of any fungus that might have made itself at home! I hope you get well quickly, and thank you so much for your comment.


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