A cashless society would be the mark of the beast

A friend of mine asked a worker at a local animal charity how they would manage their future jumble sales if cash is banned. Her reaction was to say she didn’t think that would ever happen, yet the banks want this so badly – to reward borrowers and punish savers with negative interest rates.

Can you imagine the boom that would come from being paid to borrow money? You can bet these rates would only be given to those already rich beyond imagination – your credit card won’t be paying you any time soon. But hey, you’ve been responsible and you have savings – well that isn’t going to work for you now – no, you’ll be charged to keep money in the bank. Disgraceful, of course, but that won’t stop these predators.

You see you can’t call these bankers and their masters parasites – why? Because parasites generally intend to be unknown – they don’t openly show their workings, and they generally are doing a bad job if they manage to kill the host. No, these banksters are predators, and humanity (the 99%) are their intended victims.

If cash is banned, everyone, rich and poor, will have to take the mark of the beast to buy or to sell. I will not be accepting it.

I recommend you decide for yourself now whether you will.

God Bless you



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