Fasting inspiration

There’s something about certain foods which just calls out for us to fast from them from time to time. I’m talking about the biggies – the addictive ones:

  1. Sugar
  2. Cocoa and chocolate
  3. Coffee
  4. Tea
  5. Alcohol

What is it about them? Well ask yourself this: Do the rainforest pygmies crave cauliflowers? Do mountain-dwelling Tibetans import leeks? No, I’m sure they don’t – because those things aren’t addictive.

The British Empire built much of its wealth on the importation of foods which are addictive. I can understand importing dried fruits like raisins, but you don’t ever find yourself craving those. I can understand them importing tea – but the effect on the people was devastating. Tea replaced small beer in this country as it was introduced. Of course you might think this was good, but small beer was not only low in alcohol, it also contained a lot of nutrients. Tea actually leaches nutrients! It’s also full of fluoride (Link). The stimulant action of caffeine is very harmful to the body – there is nothing I can think of to recommend tea unless you are hyperthyroid.


Cocoa and chocolate have become such staples that people rely on them daily in some cases – this sugary fatty food is only adding to our woes, because we eat it to feel good, yet it weakens our adrenal health and messes with our blood sugar. Making foods from scratch using cocoa is better, but even then you are more likely to eat more of them (as they will have more cocoa than a bar of milk chocolate, for instance) yet this adds to copper overload which is a major cause of illness today – producing a range of symptoms including hypothyroidism. (Link)

Alcohol is responsible for more illness, incidents and injuries than any other single cause.

“Alcohol abuse could be costing the UK up to £6 billion a year in NHS bills, premature death, losses to business and drink-related crimes and accidents, it was claimed today.

A study by the Royal College of Physicians said drink-related health problems could account for up to 12% of total NHS spending on hospitals, about £3 billion.

But campaigners said that with the estimated £3 billion lost through absenteeism, unemployment, premature deaths and alcohol-related crimes and accidents the total cost of excessive drinking is £6 billion.” (source)

Alcohol, interestingly, is one thing that almost every country has its own version of – from Russian vodka to French cognac and Spanish sherry. Yet we still import alcohol!

Coffee is also not good for you, although in moderation it is fine. It’s another food which we just have to have, even though we can’t grow it.

We have gone beyond the days of seasonality in food buying – most stores in the UK stock everything out of season flown from all over the world. It’s silly because the truly seasonal foods are something to look forward to. Yet we no longer get a craving for these things, because they are always available. Coffee and tea most people drink daily – have you ever heard anyone say they just can’t face coffee again because they’re bored with it? No!

I believe the devil has a hand in these foods – that really they might be medicines, but somehow they’ve become things we consume every day without a second thought.

Could you go without them? Maybe it’s time to best these foods – have a fast from one or more. If you’ve done this before, please share your story – leave a comment!

God Bless you



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