Preparing for the day of adversity

I’m reading an old book at the moment – Nevil Shute’s novel ‘A Town Like Alice.’

It’s very good – a book I fell in love with many years ago after watching it on the TV as an adaptation. I read the book many years ago, and as I’m feeling really poorly at the moment, I decided to read it again. At this time, with what we face, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Set in WWII in Malaya under Japanese occupation, it tells the story of a group of English women who didn’t get evacuated in time, and the Japanese kept promising a prison camp to. They marched for hundred of miles from place to place, and each time they were turned away. They got sick and many died – almost half of them. It’s loosely based on a true story, as Wikipedia recounts: Link

The story thankfully goes on beyond the war and there is good news in there, but what struck me was the feeling of having no control over your own life – being under occupation by a foreign power who mostly didn’t understand you, and certainly did not respect you. This group of English women in a foreign country would not have survived at all were it not for one of them being a native speaker, young and bold enough to get much needed medicines and so on. She also in the end negotiates an end to their marching when their Japanese guard dies. They stayed in one village and planted rice for three years until the war ended.

paddy fields

We may like to think that we will not acquiesce to brutality, to force, to cruelty, but reading this book brings home the harsh reality that our survival instincts are strong enough that we will bow to our enemy to keep him sweet.

Let us remember that – a sobering thought – as we move relentlessly towards a third world war which will never be announced, and we will never be allowed the time to prepare for. The war is limbering up now. I’ve noticed an increase in stories in the media which hark back to the beginning of WWII, and this is deliberate – they are sowing the seeds, placing these ideas into our day so that we will subconsciously accept war when it comes.

This time, let us be aware that we are fighting a war which is not a truthful war, nor a just war. It is a spiritual war – and we must be aware that if we are bowing to the enemy this time, it is to bow to satan himself.

For someone such as myself, who was trained by school, and therefore has a tendency to obey authority, that is very sobering indeed. May we all stand in that day.

God Bless you