FBI wants everyones faces and fingerprints in their database

I’ve said before – DO NOT GIVE YOUR BIOMETRICS to ANYONE! EVER. (Link) They are easily hacked – governments are notoriously bad at protecting data, and private companies are too.

T-Mobile just had a data breach of 15 million accounts! The data they had hacked included:


Date of Birth

Social Security Number


Identification Number (Typically Driver’s License, Military ID or Passport Number)

T-Mobile credit assessment data.

Now, in theory, although a huge inconvenience, you could change all those things, at great personal expense. But what if they got your finger prints too? Those CAN’T be changed. Once accessed, they are no longer usable for ID. It’s unthinkable to ever give your Biometrics.

Now the FBI is roaming about gathering biometrics.

Be aware, people. This is not good. You must stand up for your personal freedom. Your body does NOT belong to anyone but you and God who made it.

God Bless you