Russia begins forced self-depopulation – it’s called conscription

Yes, let’s send the young and fit to the front and get them killed or maimed. Sounds like a plan. If you are satan.

russia begins self depopulation

Yep 150,000 conscripts are to be sent to the front. All because of this:

ISIS_SyriaAll of this war is a LIE! It is just one way to reduce population whilst getting those young fit healthy conscipts to die for the big corporations and Rothschild backed regimes that want all the booty.

If you are a Mum it’s time to decide what you will do when conscription starts in your country, as it surely will. Will you do as Ukrainian mothers did and burn their son’s call up papers?

If you are a young woman it is time for you to decide where you will invest your years – will you support military action and date or marry a soldier? Or will you reject soldiers and say no to war, too?

It is time to say NO to war.

God Bless you