Building a house of cards….

The Fed did not hike interest rates. This was apparently a shock, but I’ll tell you what I think.

When you have created a lot of ‘quantitative easing’ – basically printing money, it can gain what is called ‘velocity’ – i.e. the force of that money if in the public’s hands, causes massive inflation. This time, since 2008, this money printing has not resulted in velocity or hyper inflation (as they saw in Weimar before the second world war), because it has been held by the banks. They have only released a tiny amount of it – basically probably just enough to pay themselves huge bonuses and buy their retreats in preparation for the coming chaos they are about to unleash.

So if you wanted to destroy the economy, and it you wanted to cause a depression worse than the 1929 crash, you would definitely bring in negative interest rates first – that’s the best way to get your bubble nice and big, get your money building huge velocity, and then of course you can wait for the perfect moment to pull the rug ever so slightly. You don’t need to pull it much, because they know that manufacturing is slowing, so only a tiny interest hike will cause that better than free money to bring down the whole house of cards.

Yes, Rothschild owns this painting: Boy buidling a House of Cards
Yes, Rothschild owns this painting: Boy building a House of Cards

No amount of prepping is going to protect us from this, because the elites are not even going to try to re-build the system they have now. They want to make everyone beg for that one-world-government – oh yes, all of this nefariousness will be exposed! It will be brought out for all to see – it will seem as though humanity is awakening, except it is just selling government incompetence DELIBERATELY so that you will cry out to the UN to come save you. (Link)

By the way, have you ever wondered why the UN soldiers have blue helmets? I mean, it isn’t camouflage is it? It’s because the one-world-army which the UN and NATO will create will only have one enemy – the people. We are (mostly) unarmed. Why would they need to blend in anywhere?

fascism c

Sorry if that’s shocking, but I suspect it is the truth. I pray I am wrong.

God Bless you