Oh let’s have some good news!

This will warm the cockles of your heart, as we say in the UK. It’s the story of an Air Canada pilot who diverted his plane because of a dog in the cargo hold, when one of the heaters there failed.

“As soon as the crew became aware of the temperature issue, the captain grew rightfully concerned for the dog’s comfort and wellbeing,” Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

“With the altitude it can become very uncomfortable, and possibly the situation could have been life threatening if the flight had continued,” Fitzpatrick said.
With 232 passengers on board, the pilot made the decision to divert the plane to Frankfurt, where little Simba could be offloaded to another flight.”

Air Canada

Aaawww! Read the whole story here: Link

Wonderful! I hope this made your day.

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