The Roman System still rules today

I said a while ago that I would do a post on the Roman System, but it’s so huge that I’ve put it off and put it off. If I thought fluoride was a tough and tangled subject, this is completely intertwined with modern life to the degree that it is an inseparable part of us – yet it should not be.

Firstly what do I mean by the Roman System – what I am referring to is a complete system of government from language through to law, medicine, banking and so on. Wherever you see latin used, wherever you see vast sums of money being made at the expense of the people – you can bet that this system, whether directly benefitting today, was the inspiration for it’s setting up, and it’s continuance. It is the reason why you find the symbols of Rome in the US Congress:

The Roman fascii can be seen, with the Roman laurel wreath (where have we seen that before, oh yes, the UN flag) - follow the rabbit trail....
The Roman ‘fasces’ can be seen, the bundles of rods, with the Roman laurel wreath (where have we seen that before, oh yes, the UN flag) – follow the rabbit trail….

It is the reason why the Pope, who is, let us not forget, a religious leader, is involved in every decision at every level moving us towards the new Agenda 2030, which takes over it’s global communism goals from Agenda 21. What is the relevance of the Pope to this? Well the videos below will help you to see how the Roman system never went away – it will never go away because it is the AntiChrist system, and only Yeshua will overcome the evil that it has perpetrated on this earth. (For those reading who may be catholic, please look into what you are involved in – any church that would change, openly, the ten commandments of God is not to be followed – Link).

I hope one day to truly understand all of it’s connections, but right now I’ll give you what I have. This was my first exposure to the Roman System – these videos are long, but take your time and watch them all, and you’ll begin to see a very clear set of symbols which pop up here there and everywhere – even on our Monarch in the UK, who wears Maltese crosses!

maltese cross


Begin here:

Now these videos may not have the best presentation, but the information is exceptionally good – watch and learn.

I’ll try to do a series of posts on this – it’s too huge for one post, but these are such great videos I wanted to share them.

God Bless you