Making the bad worse – photoshopping that creates fear

I have seen before, images which purport to show things which ought to scare us all – well as I used to belong to a photoshopping forum, I can tell you that many of these are fakes and are pretty easy to spot. It’s better to spot a fake and point it out, than to sit in fear!

Yes it’s possible that the UN is involved in Jade Helm – it seems they might be. We ought to be very concerned about what this means. However this image is photoshopped (badly I might add):

un-weapons-enforcementHow do I know? The text is not at the correct angle, and whoever did this did not angle the text but has placed each letter individually at different heights to make the line look angled. In fact the word POLICE there is also not quite right – at the angle it’s at, it shouldn’t be so matt, but it is, and again the text is not placed quite correctly. You would never see a signwriter do this, and it’s so obvious that I am amazed anyone bothered to post it! However, Dave Hodges did. I don’t know Dave, I can only say that I take all his work with a very large pinch of salt because it seems to be fear based.

You can read the rest of his piece here: Link

In these days of false flags, photoshopping (and this could have been done well enough to not be spotted by me, I can tell you) is not beneath those who would mislead us. We need to be awake and aware of what can be done.

God Bless you