What statism does that localism doesn’t: waste money and resources

So Bob Fletcher loses his job, and he goes on benefits. He looks for work and until he finds it he must jump through horrible humiliating hoops to keep the job centre staff happy. It’s soul destroying and awful for a man who has worked and contributed to the welfare fund as a worker and tax payer for 25 years.

Of course for Bob to get that state money, there aren’t just the job centre Nazis to contend with and pay for, or even just the paperwork; the higher-ups who administer the administrators cost this country huge amounts, and up the ladder it goes – the money goes around, and each layer of administration takes it’s cut. Their jobs depend on unemployment.

I recall reading years ago – I read it on a forum for small businesses. A guy on there wrote that a self employed friend of his was doing badly so decided to go to the job centre and look for work. He looked around and wanted some assistance. He spoke to a lady behind a desk and her question to him was, “What benefits are you on?”

He replied that he wasn’t on benefits. She said, “Well what benefits do you want?”

He said, “I don’t want benefits.”

“Well if you aren’t on benefits and don’t want benefits, we can’t help you.” She responded. Her job depends on joblessness. It depends on a benefits culture.

In a localised system, Bob Fletcher loses his job, and he goes before the Parish Council. They tell him, “Not to worry, Jack Winters has a hedge needs cutting, and Doreen Bland has a huge garden needs some attention – they’ll both pay. In the meantime, farmer Jones organises food for the poor – go and see him and get a box of goodies to keep your family going.”

In a localised system the Parish takes care of it’s own, and care, support and work are given and found easily amongst those living there. This is enough to keep Bob going until a full time job appears.

In a statist system, you are alone, even in your village, because even your neighbours, working as they do 40 hours a week like you, have no time to get to know you or care about you.

What government hates about localism is that it leaves their mandarins out. It leaves out their cut of the cash, but more importantly for them, the cut of your data – they want to know and snoop into your private life before they’ll deign to support you to find work.

Localism is the best solution to big government and unaffordable welfare bills. That’s why they don’t allow it.

God Bless you