Fluoride compounds you cannot ignore

Do you want to come down the rabbit hole with me? I think it’s time to explore fluoride a little more. Let’s start right here: Fluorinated drugs. This is where things get a bit scary – we are not in Kansas anymore!

You may have heard of a deep sedative, so deeply sedating that miscreants have used it as a date-rape drug – it’s called Rohypnol. Well Rohypnol is fluorinated Valium. The fluorination process makes the drug more penetrative to the human body and increases it’s action. Many sedatives are fluoride drugs. In fact, when we look at fluoride in drinking water as being there to ‘dumb the population down’, this is mocked, but the strongest sedatives there are are fluorinated! Here’s an old quote: (source)

“As far as I know, there is no one who has done any serious research into whether the fluoridated person is really more docile, easier to rule, more impressed by authority than the non-fluoridated ones. There is, though, one peculiar thing: every Dutch doctor has a medical reference book for 1984. One of the chapters is entitled “Tranquillisers”. Looking at the ‘minor tranquillisers’ I find twenty-four substances: their chemical formulae do not show any connection with fluoride. However, there is also a heading, “major tranquillisers”. Of those there are twenty-seven, and seven of them are a fluoride compound. One of theses is Semap. It is one of the strongest anti-psychotic substances we know. This means that twenty-five per cent of the major tranquillisers are connected with fluoride. I do not draw any conclusions. the only thing one can say at this point is, with Alice: “curiouser and curiouser!”

SSRI drugs like Prozac, the chemical name of which is ‘fluoxetine’, is a flouride drug! Lariam, the anti-malarial drug is also a fluoride drug. There are a lot of fluorinated antibiotics too – the strongest ones are very often fluorinated, like Ciprofloxacin (with it’s appalling host of side effects). But wait, there’s more!

“SSRI antidepressants, except in a few instances, are fluorinated molecules. These include citalopram,escitalopram oxalate,fluoxetine,fluvoxamine maleate, and paroxetine. A notable exception is sertraline. Because of the difficulty of biological systems in dealing with metabolism of fluorinated molecules, fluorinated antibiotics and antidepressants are among the major fluorinated organics found in treated city sewage and wastewater.[my emphasis added] (source)

As our water is mostly recycled in the UK, this means that the increasingly drugged population is now drinking yesterdays prozac? Yikes – no wonder there is such an epidemic of thyroid problems!

One effect of an underactive thyroid is depression – how many have been put on SSRIs for depression who really had an underactive thyroid (and serious worsening of that from the SSRI no doubt!)?

Well it turns out that Prozac is 18.4% fluoride. This means that if you are taking the lowest dose of 20mg per day, you’ll be taking an extra 3.68mg of fluoride into your body every day. If you are on the maximum dose this rises to 14.72mg per day! As I’ve written before, that is more than enough to cause a lowering of thyroid function in a diet which is adequate in iodine (Link)

Of course fluoride drugs is one issue – in fact  large numbers of drugs are fluoridated today, and it’s becoming over more popular for the (P)harmaceutical industry to do this.

399242_312223295560725_624488840_nBut let’s not forget that governments use fluoride to make nerve gases like Sarin (Link). In fact it’s the fluoride that makes sarin effective. But, hey, just remember fluoride is safe. Yeah right….

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