Fluoride in the drinking water – here’s what the CDC say

I thought I’d let them speak in their own words, from their own website. Here’s their Q&A on fluoride in the drinking water. My emphasis added.

“What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that protects teeth from tooth decay.

Why is fluoride added to water and toothpaste?

Fluoride in the mouth (in the saliva and dental plaque) is an effective way to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride’s action in preventing tooth decay benefits both children and adults throughout their lives. The health benefits of fluoride are:

Fewer cavities and less severe cavities.
Less need for fillings and tooth extractions.
Less pain and suffering associated with tooth decay.
How does fluoride work to prevent tooth decay?

Fluoride works by stopping or even reversing the tooth decay process—it keeps tooth enamel strong and solid. Tooth decay is caused by certain bacteria in the mouth. When a person eats sugar and other refined carbohydrates, these bacteria produce acid that removes minerals from the surface of the tooth. Fluoride helps to remineralize tooth surfaces and prevents cavities from forming.” (source)

That is clearly why this is the case:


But it’s also interesting to note this when considering the toxicity of fluoride in the drinking water: From wikipedia (link) Emphasis added.


Fluoride’s suppressive effect on the thyroid is more severe when iodine is deficient, and fluoride is associated with lower levels of iodine.[clarification needed][29] Thyroid effects in humans were associated with fluoride levels 0.05–0.13 mg/kg/day when iodine intake was adequate and 0.01–0.03 mg/kg/day when iodine intake was inadequate.[21]:263 Its mechanisms and effects on the endocrine system remain unclear.[21]:266 […]

To put that in context, this means that a woman of 5′ 4″ tall who weighs 145lbs (rounded down to 65kgs) would have impaired thyroid function on as little as .65mg per day of fluoride (which she would get in 650ml of fluoridated water) if her diet was low in iodine. If her dietary iodine levels were ‘adequate’ she could become thyroid impaired at just 3.25mg of fluoride per day, which is less than the lowest dose of prozac (and doesn’t include any fluoridated water). This also doesn’t include any of the other sources of fluoride out there, either, nor other halogens like chlorine and bromine.

The same piece also goes on to note:

“The NRC report stated that “many of the untoward effects of fluoride are due to the formation of AlFx [aluminum fluoride] complexes”.[21]:219 This topic has been identified previously as cause for concern.[29] The NRC noted that rats administered fluoride had twice as much aluminum in their brains.[21]:212 When water (1 ppm fluoride) is boiled in aluminum cookware more aluminum is leached and more aluminum fluoride complexes are formed. However, an epidemiological study found that a high-fluoride area had one-fifth the Alzheimer’s that a low-fluoride area had,[33] and a 2002 study found that fluoride increased the urinary excretion of aluminum.[34]” [emphasis added]

Dr Russell Blaylock has written a report on this, and in a brief quote, it shows:

What apparently happens when individuals with aluminum-induced neural degeneration are exposed to fluoride is that the fluoride enhances the toxicity of aluminum. In terms of bioavailability, or the ability of aluminum to cause harm, fluoride greatly increases the overall toxic burden of this pervasive metal, rendering it exceptionally more toxic.” (source)

But, hey, don’t forget that the elites of the NWO have your best interests and well being at heart. That is why you must “relinquish your rights” for the guarantee of your well being granted to you by your world government. Nanny knows best.

kissinger scumMy foot!

I can highly recommend that you purchase a water distiller and distill all your drinking water – this is the only way to keep out those contaminants you are drinking right now. The first time I distilled my tap water here in the UK I couldn’t believe the filth in the sludge at the bottom. It smelled awful – like mud mixed with chemicals, which is what it basically was. Not pretty! I won’t go back! For more information on distilled water, click here: Link

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