The fall of the Roman Empire, expressed in food

Now don’t laugh – I know this may seem like a laughing matter, but I assure you it’s not. It’s one thing for Europe to have given us the glory that is mayonnaise, but it’s quite another for us to decide that we should eat a version of it that contains:




Yes, you read that right. I’m serious. I couldn’t believe it either. Take a moment, maybe get yourself a nip of a strong drink, and then re-read that. Yes, really – basically it’s mayonnaise flavoured gel. *puke* This is the stuff:

fall of the roman empireIt’s the real deal (the fake deal, really). Ok, so you don’t really believe that it can be calorie free, do you? Wanna see the ingredients? Here you go:

fall of the roman empire 2It’s a wonder to behold, isn’t it? I mean, never mind that it’s basically a non-food, and that having no calories, your body will actually be wasting nutrients just trying to expel it from your digestive tract, but it also contains gums and those are so bad for your intestines – there’s a link there to IBS amongst other things. Yet this is being sold as healthy.

It’s not food – you might as well make a sandwich with polystyrene!

Why do I say that this relates to the fall of the Roman Empire? There is real food, there is wasted food, there are starving people in the world, and yet we are being sold the idea of a luxury food, made of nothing healthy – it, to me, just says how far we’ve fallen away from honest living, and how far we are from the farm today!

To see the product and to see the rest of the range (including a calorie, fat and carb free chocolate dip, and peanut butter!) visit here: Link

God Bless you