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Has there been an acceleration of the doom?

I’m not talking about financial doom here, I’m talking about moral doom as well! I’m either finding more stories I really care about, or something momentous has happened to the amount of sh*t hitting the fan.

I feel a small tidal wave has hit, as everywhere I turn I am finding, suddenly, a story I need to blog. It’s a bit exhausting, and I’ll try not to get too connected to that – it’s more profitable to read the bible than fret too much about what is going on here, but I’ll try to get some of this out, nevertheless.

So from (Link) we have the story that Planned Parenthood is now SUING the state of Alabama, claiming that it has NO CHOICE but to FUND them! I quote:

“MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Planned Parenthood Southeast on Friday filed a federal lawsuit over Gov. Robert Bentley’s effort to cut off Medicaid payments to the organization’s Alabama clinics. […]

“We’re in court today because each and every patient, and her ability to make her own deeply personal and private health care decisions, matters,” said Staci Fox, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast.”

Of course, the state may be unable to defend against this, as abortion is legal…

Martin Luther King quote

And, as I read today, what did the Nazi’s really think of abortion? Well if you were Aryan it was unthinkable, but if you weren’t – go ahead. Here’s a quote from Martin Bormann:

“The Slavs are to work for us. Insofar as we do not need them, they may die. Therefore, compulsory vaccination and German health service are superfluous. The fertility of the Slavs is undesirable. They may use contraceptives or practice abortion, the more the better. Education is dangerous. It is enough if they can count up to one hundred. At best an education which produces useful coolies for us is admissible. Every educated person is a future enemy”

You can read more about the Nazis and abortion here: Link

I keep coming back to Constance Cumbey and the way she tied together what happened in Nazi Germany to the Theosophical movement. The Fourth Reich is rising, ladies and gentlemen – don’t kid yourself that internment camps are far behind. Get her books here: Link

God Bless you