More on the American wildfires

Please make sure you read my previous post on this (here: Link), I’ll just quote briefly from it:

“UN Seen Starting Fires In North Central Washington – William Mount

Is it true? Could it be? Are they really out to destroy the forests that they have been systematically killing off with the geoengineering poisons? Many have stated that the forests are dead. Dane Wigington has stated that the trees are dying, that wildlife has left, and that the air is so dried out by the geoengineering that it is more conductive – so even just a lightning bolt could start a serious wildfire. But William Mount has this, and I quote:

“I just received a report from an eye witness that watched a White Colored UN Helicopter land on a mountain near Republic Washington and 2 men got out and started a brush fire.”

Well the lovely Janet, who reads this blog, commented and provided some interesting information:

“I have connections to this area, and I would not be surprised. The fires last year destroyed about 300 homes in a rural, low population county, including a high school classmates’s and including a town right on the Columbia River. Last year the people in charge basically sat on the fire for 3 days, building a website but essentially telling firefighters to stand down. The firefighting efforts have been better this year (although 3 firefighters died when their vehicle left the road), but the forests are totally fried with geoengineering, something I just learned about. No need to approve this comment. We went to feast in Montana, and I saw the same kind of odd fires there, even in October.”

She went on to say:

“There is no question that the fires are burning very hot, I have pictures that I took of rocks split sheer through with heat from last year’s fire. My childhood friend’s parents lost their rural home this year and said these fires are ‘from hell’. Maybe she is not far off.”

I wondered whether the aluminium on the trees and grasslands could be increasing the temperatures of these fires (it’s very likely as aluminium burns at over 6920°F!)

Then on Sunday I found an alert on Steve Quayle’s site, which chimed in perfectly with this, and I had to share it – you can read the original here: Link

“My son-in-law is a wild land firefighter based in Chelan, WA. As I’m sure you are aware the fires in Washington are some of the worst in the nation right now. I spoke with him last night after he came off of a 20 day shift. He has been battling the Wolverine fire which lies in a very remote part of the county only accessible by Boat or Helicopter. This is the same remote area that the U.S. Army Airborne division has been using to practice helicopter mountain training. ( While battling the fire and establishing fie lines around Holden Village, he and his crew came upon two Blackhawk helicopters on the ground in a remote part of the forest. He said that soldiers drew their weapons on his US Forest service fire crew and told them they couldn’t be in the area because it was a restricted Military zone. He said all of the soldiers were in US Army uniforms, but two of them appeared to be Russian (wearing US Army uniforms) and in his opinion the Russian soldiers seemed to be in charge. My son-in-law challenged the soldiers stating they were there to save structures threatened by the fire and they would continue to do their job, at which point all the rifles in the company pointed at him. At this point he said he actually felt threatened for his life and he and his crew retreated going around the helicopter crew. This led to a discussion as to whether or not the US Army had been involved in possibly starting the fires which now burn approximately 135,000 acres.[My emphasis added]

So what is going on here? I said previously:

“…it makes sense when you look at what the END goal is. The end goal is a world government. The only way you’re going to get that and get everyone to agree to it is if you take their homes, destroy their farms, poison their water and create a global catastrophe.”

Is this ecocide before the genocide? If so how on earth are the military accepting such orders? Are they being brainwashed? I can only assume they are. The geoengineering may be organised with a fleet of ‘drones’, thus requiring very little human action (just a few to organise and program the flights), but if anyone is starting these fires, they have committed a crime against humanity.

God Bless you