Illuminati clothing – here’s what you can buy right now in the UK to show you support your oppressors!

I was investigating the usual tranche of awful, thin, cold, ugly and shapeless clothing offerings on the British High Street for the previous post when I found these. I hit the motherload. I seriously did. I have included url links should you desire to clothe yourself or your daughter (I only looked at women’s clothes) in the preferred garb to signal to satan your willingness to be oppressed by spiritual forces of darkness (and everyone else to be too, let’s not forget!). You just might want to check to make sure I didn’t create these in Photoshop! Here they are, in no particular order!

First I went to Select Clothing (Link) – a cheap as chips outlet (except prices are now much higher than they used to be and it’s noticeable that quality isn’t their strong point!). I found a couple of really dark t shirts, and also one which really was pushing narcissism (I don’t think the young need any help on that score, thanks). Then I found this:

illuminati clothingMmmm – the all seeing eye, triangles, oh yeah, free spirit (more like imprisoned spirit!). And to what limit?

But when I went to New Look (Link) – another shop producing thin (and I mean sleeveless too, for Winter 2015/16!) clothes, well here I found it all. Brace yourselves!

I start with their ‘Unicorn offering’ – there were so many more than these, and the Unicorn, according to Constance Cumbey, is significant to the New Age Movement (I quote from her book A Planned Deception)

a planned deception snippetSo beware, this isn’t just make believe for kids, this is a powerful force spiritually being invoked for evil purposes.

So here we have that symbolism turning up on clothing the unsuspecting public wears, signalling their willingness, in absence of knowing what they are ‘consenting’ to!

unicorn spiritOccult 22 in place as well!

unicorn crap

This, for me, harks back to the problems of the demonised otherkin I wrote about here (Link)

unicorn crap 2Escapism into a New Age Movement fantasy – not helpful for the young!

But there’s more – oh so much more, I’m sad to say! It’s so blatant – you will not believe what you are seeing – the infiltration into HOMES, even potentially into non-uniform SCHOOLS of these symbols which are LEGAL RIGHTS AND LEGAL GROUNDS FOR SATAN TO DWELL! Seriously – if you see this in your school your church even (!) say something.

owl imagery

Owl symbolism – another symbol of Molech, a god sacrificed to in ‘mock ceremonies’ at Bohemian Grove, but coupled with the heart – symbol of Bacchus – drunkeness, debauchery and fornication. Ouch.

all seeing crap

What can I say? All seeing eye and what also looks a bit like some CERN symbolism there, although I may be reaching there as to intention…

illuminati clothing 2

So many triangles – and you can barely see it there, but there is an all seeing eye in the middle of that top triangle. It’s quite a disturbing image!

illuminati clothing 5

This one hits all the bases – simultaneously! I mean, really! Skull and crossbones, Egyptian eye of Osiris, keys both individually, and crossed, hearts, the rod of Hermes – this coupled with the all seeing eye, emblazoned right there for all to see. This is direct Kabbalism – this is combining all the symbols of evil on one shirt for a ‘useful idiot’ to wear. Tragic. Really tragic. I’ve talked about wearing symbols unsuspectingly before here (Link)

illuminati clothing 4

Again, eyes and triangles, the comment ‘the free spirit within’, blazing stars and the sun, and more triangles! Theres an air of Native American Indian about this one too. Is this Phoenix symbolism? Can you help me with that – leave a comment please.

illuminati clothing 3

I felt uncomfortable just looking at this T shirt to start with, but couldn’t work out why. Then I spotted the all seeing eye again. But there’s more – the phrase ‘She’s a wanderer a dreamer’ – I’ve noticed a lot of clothes with the words dreamer or daydream on them this year – this is part of keeping them asleep. Watch out!

A friend of mine told me that he’d only just drawn a triangle on the blackboard in a science class when he turned back round and one of the kids had added an all seeing eye to it. Creepy huh?

We must be ever more vigilant when it comes to what we allow into our homes. Symbols are dangerous – if you can’t be sure that an image isn’t symbolic of evil, it’s best to have none, and I know that is hard to do. We must somehow keep satan out of our homes and lives the best ways we can.

By the way this is all UK clothing – is this the same in the US? If so please post links in the comments section – I’d love to know!

God Bless you



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