Will you stand with me in prayer?

Let’s take a moment to pray.

Father in Heaven, Yehovah, we come before You now only by the righteousness of Your beloved son, Yeshua, but we come now and ask You to move Your arm – to move with power and might and miracles in the lives of the oppressed and persecuted. May the enemies of Your children be dismayed and brought to their knees in wonder at the miraculous unshackling of those captives. May You become a move within the ranks of the evil to change them into children of righteousness themselves. May they turn to You now, because we know that every knee will bow!

Let us, Yehovah, stand strong and mighty in Your strength. Let us remember always your promises to us, and count on them. Let us know the wrongs that stand between us and your providence, if there are any, so that we can come into freedom.

Yehovah, teach us to love what You love, and teach us to hate what You hate, and give us discernment in these troubled times.

We ask this in Yeshua’s Holy Name. Amen

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God Bless you