UN Seen Starting Fires In North Central Washington – William Mount

Is it true? Could it be? Are they really out to destroy the forests that they have been systematically killing off with the geoengineering poisons? Many have stated that the forests are dead. Dane Wigington has stated that the trees are dying, that wildlife has left, and that the air is so dried out by the geoengineering that it is more conductive – so even just a lightning bolt could start a serious wildfire. But William Mount (Link) has this, and I quote:

“I just received a report from an eye witness that watched a White Colored UN Helicopter land on a mountain near Republic Washington and 2 men got out and started a brush fire.

This eye witness (Infantry Veteran) also sighted another odd looking aircraft fire a light beam into the woods and a forest fire erupted shortly afterwards.

These reports are spot on when it comes to location of the fires and is identical to reports of other fires starting across Washington State I have received.

Basically: These fires are being started by US And UN aircraft.

Washington State is under attack by the United Nations and United States Corporation and since the US Nationals Forests currently belong to the government of China they are technically AT WAR with China and thus (According o the original and 2nd treaties signed) at war with the entire “BRICS Set Of Nations.”

Please remember that the UN Lucifer Trust folks stated several times in the last two months they intend to “Turn Up The Heat”

I have a personal friend who makes a very inexpensive Non-Toxic Biodegradable product that you can spray on either grass or trees that prevents them from burning and he was told to “Stay The HELL Away From Us:” by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Procurement Officer.

They want you dead.”

He also put out this potentially informative video back in April, which I leave here for your interest:

I don’t want to spread fear. I don’t want to believe this at all. But it makes sense when you look at what the END goal is. The end goal is a world government. The only way you’re going to get that and get everyone to agree to it is if you take their homes, destroy their farms, poison their water and create a global catastrophe. If you start in the states, you’ve hit the king pin, haven’t you? You’ve made it so that you can easily knock down every other pin – the beacon of freedom is laid waste! Every other country will topple to the will of those who can destroy the US.

rockefeller scum

kissinger scum


We know that America is now corrupted. We know our governments are evil beyond measure – so how long before we cry out to the UN to come and save us?

This is the plan. We must stand firm and reject any notion of outside help.

God Bless you



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  2. I have connections to this area, and I would not be surprised. The fires last year destroyed about 300 homes in a rural, low population county, including a high school classmates’s and including a town right on the Columbia River. Last year the people in charge basically sat on the fire for 3 days, building a website but essentially telling firefighters to stand down. The firefighting efforts have been better this year (although 3 firefighters died when their vehicle left the road), but the forests are totally fried with geoengineering, something I just learned about. No need to approve this comment. We went to feast in Montana, and I saw the same kind of odd fires there, even in October.


      1. There is no question that the fires are burning very hot, I have pictures that I took of rocks split sheer through with heat from last year’s fire. My childhood friend’s parents lost their rural home this year and said these fires are ‘from hell’. Maybe she is not far off.


      2. That is interesting – you made me wonder, so I just looked up the burning temperature of aluminium (which comes from the geoengineering) and it’s over 4,100 K (6920°F) – even a little of that on trees and crops or grassland would increase the heat so much.


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