Is God’s Law onerous?

Most Christian churches will call you a ‘legalist’ if you, for a moment, suggest that God’s Law is what we should be following. As I’ve mentioned before, it is the churches who have thrown away God’s perfect Law, and said it is too onerous for people to be expected to follow. Now those chickens are coming home to roost, because as the churches have picked and chosen from amongst God’s Laws exactly that which they believe still to be wrong, they have committed themselves, and their flocks to an apostate path on which the state will not allow them to continue.

Those in America who have seen where the new homosexual marriage bill will take their churches, and are standing opposed, are right to be opposed, but their churches do not deserve sympathy. If you are prepared today to say that eating pork is not a violation of God’s Law, then why on earth should homosexuality be still considered to be wrong? You cannot have it both ways. The state says so!

If the churches had stood for the Law, then we would not be in this situation – no state could expect churches to bend to their will, had they first not bent to their own cravings for bacon sandwiches (I’m being glib here, but you get the point). If churches had stood by the Sabbath, had churches stood against witchcraft (and I mean even just acknowledging it! Come on! I have been under witchcraft attack – I know it’s real – try telling your pastor that!).

But those 613 laws – well they are just too onerous. There are too many, and they are too complex. In fact let’s deny them, say the churches – let’s instead substitute:

Papal Law, which is known as Canon Law:

“The 1983 Code of Canon Law contains 1752 canons, or laws,” (source)

The Law of the sea (Admiralty Law)

You can read some admiralty law here, the MARITIME TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ACT OF 2002 (Link) you will find that there are again, countless subsections and paragraphs which govern you. In that one act (and there are many others) there are 100 sections and each one has multiple paragraphs – section 101 has 15 paragraphs alone. These laws govern you when at sea. They govern the transportation of goods by sea – which is a huge business.

Statute Law

In the US, on the 1st January 2010, the government brought in 40,627 new laws and regulations. That is just those which became law on that day. You can read more about it in this great article here: Link

But hey, those 613 laws of Moses – wow – too much for us, huh?

We will, as Christians, rue the day we allowed the church leaderships to decide for us what we will obey  within the word of God. We will rue the day we listened to a pastor who calls the desire to follow the law ‘legalism.’

Legalism is interesting, because it is really what everything else but the Law of Moses is – the constant definition and redefinition of sin is legalism. The following of the law is what God wants you to do, and yet we don’t even try – we back away from it, and stick to our ever changing winds of doctrine – meaning we haven’t any right to complain when the state says that churches must marry homosexuals.


Please pray for your churches. Please ‘come out of her, my people’ if your church won’t take seriously the call for back to basics following of the law. You cannot, yourselves, take the law into your own hands, and apply it to others, or to your family, and you are not meant to, but the laws you can follow, I advise you to. I commend the law to you. I urge you to search yourself, and to pray earnestly about whether God wants you to follow His Law. I pray that you will find peace and security within the law.

God Bless you


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