Dropping crumbs – the way government watches us

I found this video rather interesting (Link to the original post)

So you type in September the 23rd 2015 into Google and it takes you to CERN. Why is this? It seems pretty odd, doesn’t it?

Not if you know the sick mind game being played on humanity by a twisted elite who hold all the cards right now.

I remember the days when visitor data for a website actually looked useful (this was back in the days when I was a therapist – today I don’t even collect such data through my site because it doesn’t matter to me – it’s for God to send me who He will, but I digress). In those days I could tell more about my audience – now all data is anonymised, but only for you. Google know who logged in to ‘like’ your video, but you will never know. They have access to your online searches through their site, and they know exactly who, by IP address, fell for this 23rd September CERN search scam. It’s a crumb.

You take a crumb, and you drop it. You create something like this deliberately, and get your drones to mention it here and there online, and then you see who eats the crumb – who takes the bait and searches. Who cares, who’s bothered, who cares enough to click the ‘share’ function on a site related to it. They do this to check who is interested and how the story spreads. That is all.

We need to stop eating the crumbs, guys. We need to stop being on their radar – please stop using google! Please try www.duckduckgo.com or any of the other non-tracking search engines!

Lastly, I hope you got the significance of other aspects of the video, because it’s really important to notice that this search works for some and not for others – google is choosing who sees this and who doesn’t – by some logarithm or other.

Are you on google’s list? Are you a target for these crumbs? Possibly.

Stop eating the crumbs.

God Bless you