The glass generation – when self-care amounts to narcissism

I posted a powerful image in my last post – a homeless man, with the caption:

“I’m just checking my white cis hetero male privilege.”

I tagged it ‘Glass generation’ and now I want to write about what that means.

I feel that youngsters today have become a glass generation – the black kids are eaten up by this idea of white privilege (which isn’t real), and women are eaten up by the idea of ‘rape culture’ which I cannot say is any more believable. Youngsters are swapping tales of the ‘micro-aggressions’ they experience, and all of this is allowing them to fall into the hands of the NWO. They are so worried about whether they are gay/straight or even male/female, that they are not paying attention to what really matters!

This kind of self-absorption, that would allow those who join the military to carry a red card in their pocket which they can whip out anytime they feel they are being pushed too hard, or vicitmised, or if they break a fingernail (I made the last one up, really), is the perfect seed bed for narcissism, which is really what it is.


We might say this generation is soft, but I think it’s worse – they are brittle. They are so afraid of failure that they won’t attempt  a driving exam. They feel so vulnerable that they won’t even try things which might result in a moment of being less than perfect. Social media may be partly to blame for this – when the crowd get to judge every status you post, failure takes on a whole different hue – real friends are much kinder to our feelings than people are on the internet.

I came across this brittleness with a new student who is such a capable young man, but because he had failed at age 14 at reading in public, he completely failed to even try to read out the prepared text I had for him, even though it was just the two of us (and I have known him for years).

But what was also interesting was his inability to exclude from the session his expression through body language of just how irritating he found this and me. He was clearly unsettled, but he was also annoyed, bored – kept tapping things, getting up and so on. Very little attention span even when I was reciting the work to try to encourage him.

My other half has observed that young people don’t seem to converse – they don’t reply to each other, they speak and then they stop speaking and someone else speaks – they aren’t really listening to each other. Is this narcissistic? Yes. But is it caused by narcissism, or by simple lack of being taught the social skills to listen effectively.

So kids are lacking social skills, and are easten up with fears of any boogey man that the state wants to put before them (through the media).

They are becoming hyper-sensitive, and their self-care now amounts to narcissism.

What is going to become of us if this continues?

God Bless you



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