Selling government incompetence – and the agenda behind it

Is there even another agenda behind the recent EPA spill disaster? One that the alternative media haven’t spotted?

World Government can only come when we the people cry out for it – well the openness of the evil being conducted in the United States takes them a big step closer to that cry. Jade Helm and the recent news that the military are now trying to blend in at restaurants makes it look like a military infiltration, not an exercise at all. Jade Helm is for the American people – to keep them in line. This kind of training isn’t going to apply to a war with Russia – can you imagine the American soldiers ‘blending in’ there? They aren’t being trained to do that. Watch video here Link

Of course the EPA spill, and the other info on this excellent video, shows that all this is aimed as a plan to destabilise the population of California – even in the face of the end of the appalling drought with the coming El Nino.

The spill was ‘foreseen’ by a geologist only a week before:

EPARead more here: Link

Of course, this open destruction of a source of drinking water, is a move towards Agenda 21, but the American people mostly still don’t know about that – will they cry out to the UN to save them? Is that what this is all about? Getting you to cry for outside assistance? To the UN?

Well, don’t worry because a known radical leftist in Chicago, possibly the most corrupt city in the United States will do it for you – yes, he will!

“Former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers and others have signed a letter calling on the United Nations to probe the closing of 49 Chicago elementary schools, claiming the action is causing human rights violations for children in the area.

The 24-page letter, compiled by the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights, was sent to the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland this past week [2013], reports The Daily Caller.” Read more here: Link

Preposterous? Oh yes. Just the beginning? Oh yes. How about this little gem then – more of Chicago’s role in the NWO: The Model United Nations of the University of Chicago


Text from that page states:

“For decades, the world’s high school and college students have been the beneficiaries of a unique education in politics, diplomacy, and foreign affairs. The Model United Nations experience brings to life the problems that face the real world and allows participants to represent their assigned country’s position and work towards resolving issues of global importance.

Model United Nations of the University of Chicago (MUNUC) is a four day conference providing secondary school students with educational simulations of United Nations and other international affairs-themed bodies. MUNUC simulates a wide variety of committees, including the UN Disarmament and International Security Committee, Economic Community of West African States, and United Nations Children’s Fund.

Now in our 28th year, MUNUC has distinguished itself as the premier high school United Nations simulation in the country. MUNUC has received considerable national praise for its professionalism and overall quality.


Since its founding in 1988, MUNUC’s purpose has been

To educate high school students in the arts of debate, negotiation, and public speaking by providing a forum in which they can hone their skills,
To introduce high school students to the fascinating realities and complexities of international relations through simulation of international organizations, and
To demonstrate the potential of the United Nations in resolving international problems while demonstrating its limitations.
To this end, the topics covered over the MUNUC conference ranges from aids relief in Africa to the use of weapons in outer space to the subject of state sovereignty.”

Creeped out yet? You can read more on their website:

So is this connection too much of a stretch? Should I have had more coffee before making this connection? Well, you tell me!

I see governments all over the western world being exposed as nefarious, corrupt and so on. I see Jeremy Corbyn, a genuine socialist, about to be installed as Labour leader (which I applaud, even if I won’t vote for him), but it shows the limited relevance of national politics if this would be put into such obvious play by those who are really running the place, yes? You can have the leaders you want, Great Britain! Yay, we all shout! This is because your leaders are now completely irrelevant – the NGOs and the UN are pulling the strings! Boo! Hiss!

The evils of the American government keep on being exposed – the move and shift towards out and out communism – it’s blatant now. How long before you all cry out to the UN – SAVE US! It will happen when the round-ups begin – and as the FEMA camps fill up.

Well there’s a cheerful little message – sorry about that – but I just saw this extra layer in the EPA story, and ‘lo and behold, there might be something to it. I hope I’m wrong.

God Bless you



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    1. I believe that in allowing the UK to ‘Brexit’ from the EU, it was a handy ‘smokescreen’ to stop us leaving the truly powerful organisation pulling it’s strings – the United Nations! Thank you for commenting!

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