Planned Parenthood International, consultative status at the UN, and the countries it seeks to influence

Planned Parenthood International has branches all over the world, and here are the ones which are listed in this document from the UN (Link) which were involved in consultation with the UN in 2014, on population and development. I’ve also given you here the basics of each country’s abotion policy. It makes very interesting reading. The chart below this list contains all the African countries, and is from the Guttmacher Institute (pro abortion). Their document can be accessed here: Link


Botswana – see the chart below

Cote D’Ivoire – see the chart below

Egypt – see the chart below

Ghana – see the chart below

India – 12 week limit, but basically free choice as they accept ‘failure of contraceptive device’ as a reason. (source)

Kenya – see the chart below

Malaysia – to protect the life, physical or mental health of the mother – 120 day limit. (source)

Mexico – to protect the mother, or because of defect to the child, or in cases of rape etc. (source)

Namibia – see the chart below

Philipines – illegal except to save the mother. (source)

Senegal – see the chart below

Tunisia – see the chart below


US (two branches)

legality of abortion africaHmmm… so let me get this straight – Planned Parenthood International is running as an NGO in all these countries, many of which you can see might be targets for expansion of ‘reproductive rights’? Highly suspicious.


human weeds

Of course, don’t forget that Hillary Clinton, the next president of the United States (*laughs*) admires Sanger very much, and I quote from here: Link

“In April 2009, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry dialogued with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on foreign policy At 4 minutes 25 seconds into this video, Hillary Clinton compares the eugenics advocate and racist Margaret Sanger to Thomas Jefferson. Clinton even seems to say that Sanger is superior to Jefferson.” […] (video at link)

“I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision,” said Hillary Rodham Clinton, “I am really in awe of her, there are a lot of lessons we can learn from her life”

Coupled with the vile comments of the likes of Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger, we can quickly see the agenda as to why Planned Parenthood International is fostered outside the political limits that would normally be imposed, inside countries which are against it’s agenda to widen ‘reproductive rights’. If the people won’t vote for it, the west (Europe, and the US) will pay to push it through the back door.

evil gates

kissinger agenda

The NWO agenda rests on NGOs and their machinations.

God Bless you