The strawman and you, politics, the UN, NGOs and the consent of the governed

This video is vital viewing for all. You need to know the cage you’ve been put in, and this video, even though it is long, is required viewing to be able to understand how the laws of man have been used to confine and enslave us.

This is well worth two hours of your time.

Let me just talk a little more about law – this comes from the UN’s own ‘Rule of Law’ website:

“The notion of the “rule of law” stems from many traditions and continents and is intertwined with the evolution of the history of law itself. The Code of Hammourabi, promulgated by the King of Babylon around 1760 BC, is one of the first examples of the codification of law, presented to the public and applying to the acts of the ruler.” Read more here on the UN site: Link

Babylon is not a place we associate with good things, so this doesn’t surprise me.

The UN wants it’s laws to be ratified and accepted worldwide. Yet neither you nor I have ever had a vote on what these laws might contain. Not only that but the list of NGOs that consult with the UN is staggering: Here’s the list as at 2008 (I can’t find a more up to date version of this due to the UN website’s poor search facility): Link – the document is over 100 pages long. The Lucis Trust appears on page 80, and they are the organisation pushing for a one world religion based on the theosophical works of Alice Bailey.

Here’s the list I found of 181 NGOs just in the field of population and development from 2014: Link – this includes 16 different branches of Planned Parenthood International, based in different countries – like Kenya, where abortion is extremely restricted… hmmm….

NGOs or NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS are basically special interest groups – charities, foundations and so on. We pay for them through direct (charitable donations) or indirect (government subsidy, and profits of large corporations) to mould international law without any consultation whatsoever with any but those connected to that special interest. These organisations depend on the very problems they highlight, to have a purpose in being, and therefore, like all charities, they do not seek to enable the population, but to render them dependent, so as to keep their jobs. The public don’t get a say at all in any of this, as this social engineering is being conducted outside the governmental framework.

Of course some of this law seems laudable, like the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (which I’ll cover in more detail another day). However any law from outside a country like Kenya, which forces the government to not discriminate against an individual because of their gender or sexuality becomes a tool picked up on by ‘activists’ (NGOs) to further an agenda which is being furthered only through these backdoor means – the public won’t accept a direct and open shift to this, they have to be forced by increments. So Kenya might go from not discriminating against an individual to comply with the UN Charter, to having to force it’s own public to accept and tolerate the promulgation of homosexuality by NGOs funded by outside interests with a desire to destabilise their culture (like Mr George Soros, a Rothschild agent). Tolerance leads to suffering

So, watch the video and remember that you have a choice how you interact with the state – the United Kingdom is supposed to be ruled by the consent of the governed. Not if the government are to be believed:

what theresa may really thinks

So, do you consent?

God Bless you



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    The paragraph leading with “The UN wants its laws to be ratified and accepted worldwide.” tells us that we will have no say in the matter. Of course not. Later, Alice Bailey and Lucid Trust are mentioned. Alice Bailey, allied with Madame Blavotsky, both theosophists, created the Luciferian magazine that became published by Lucis Trust and was called “Foreign Affairs”, with the publisher listed as the Council on Foreign Affairs. UN and Lucifer.

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