The state as parent – the ‘con’ of ‘consent’

You’ve allowed your children to be educated by the state (and if you haven’t, well I admire you immensely). Your 15 year old believes the lie of global over-population – they have been indoctrinated to believe this lie, and that of anthropogenic global ‘warming’ – they are full of pangs of guilt about what YOU, their parents generation, have done. They are too young to have any perspective on this, on how the world is run, and think they know better than you.

I remember being 15 – yes I thought I knew better than my parents! The older you get the more you know you don’t know. The certainty of youth is being played on to marginalise adult conversation, adult ideas. The government is making capital out of providing Bamstercare to you and your family – offering women free sterilisations. From age 15, in Oregon (Oregonetothedogs!), WITHOUT parents needing to be informed or consenting.

“The Oregon Health Authority has created a special consent form called “Ages 15-20 Consent to Sterilization.”

“When I first asked for the information, I was told that the decision to be sterilized is completely up to me,” says this Oregon form for 15-year-old children. “I was told that I could decide not to be sterilized.”

“I understand that the sterilization must be considered permanent and not reversible,” says this consent form. “I have decided that I do not want to become pregnant, bear children or father children.”

The consent form even includes a section that can be signed by an interpreter, in case a 15-year-old child being sterilized by their own consent in Oregon is incapable of understanding English.

This section says: “If an interpreter is provided to assist the individual to be sterilized: I have translated the information and advice presented orally to the individual to be sterilized by the person obtaining this consent.” After specifying what language the interpreter used to explain the sterilization to the child, the form asks the interpreter to stipulate: “To the best of my knowledge and belief he/she understood this explanation.”” Read more here: Link

Now get this – what does it mean to consent? Let’s look at the dictionary (you know how I love to do this!):

consentPermit? Comply? Yield? Acquiesce? I don’t like the look of this! What is the 15 year old complying with? I don’t even need to say it – a state plan to sterilise 15 year olds. They are going to push this agenda throughout the school years so that people will give up their right, ability or choice to have children – all based on the lies of global warming and overpopulation. This is horrifying.

Just in case you were curious, here’s Black’s Law dictionary second edition on consent:

Blacks law

Yes, ‘a concurrence of wills’ – in other words, this is not simply that your child has had a decision of their own accord to get sterilised, it is that the state has provided a mechanism to do this, educated the child to WANT to do this, and provided doctors who are WILLING to do this.

The enemy comes to steal and destroy, so, it seems does the state, the medical profession and the lawyers who drew up the forms for youngsters to sign (with help if needed!).

Go hug your kids, and make them promised to NEVER to interfere with God’s plan for them to raise a family.

God Bless you