Women – you hold the key to stopping war, and crime

Yes, ladies, you are powerful. I’m not talking about taking up fighting. I’m talking about the power of your femininity, and your morals, combined – when applied to your choices: you can change things.

You don’t believe me, but let me tell you what my other half told me:

He said that if women stopped sleeping with soliders there would be no more war.

So, if women stopped being beguiled with money, and stopped marrying bankers, there would be no more banking. If women stopped marrying politicians… if women stopped marrying gansters. If women stopped marrying lawyers.

Ladies, put your morals first, and don’t choose a man who represents oppression to your neighbours.

Be like these Ukrainian women, and burn your son’s call up papers.

burn conscription papers

Take a stand, refuse to allow war.

God knew the power of women – as depicted in the garden of Eden, and this is why He told His people not to intermarry with those who were unclean – because they would lead them astray (think: Solomon and the idolatry he supported for his many pagan wives).

Women, trust in God to teach you what is right – be the change you want to see.

God Bless you