Abortion – the story that brought a class of teens to silence

When I was a teenager, a doctor came to our school to answer the girl’s questions about matters reproductive. One girl asked the question ‘What happens if I’m pregnant and I don’t want to be?’

The doctor’s reply was ‘You just have an abortion.’

Afterwards, a teacher, in fact our R.E. teacher took the whole class into a room and sat us down, while she told us the story of her abortion.

I want to share what I can remember about her story all these years later.

Firstly she already had a disabled son, and when she fell pregnant again, they had to wait until the preganacy was advanced enough to do amniocentesis to determine if the baby had the same disability. It turned out that he did. She was advised to have a termination – she and her husband must have already had so much on their hands with their first son that they agreed to this.

She told us how she had to go through a full birth of a baby which had been killed in her womb. This birth had to be chemically induced.

You could have heard a pin drop – we must have been slack jawed with horror at what she was sharing – this poor woman.

I feel tearful just typing this.

I can’t remember her name, but she sat and told us that she HAD to tell us, because the doctor had said ‘You just have an abortion,’ as if it was easy, simple, and held no pain, emotions, or trauma.

She had all of us there to hear her story, and I would bet you that not one in that room would have thought of having an abortion as matter of course after hearing it.

I think of her story, and I particularly see it’s relevance today. Planned Parenthood is being ‘targetted by the GOP’ who, according to Harry Reid (*hiss*) have ‘lost their moral compass’ – no Harry, you awful little man – YOU HAVE!

Women are being CARED for by KILLING their children?

The teacher who shared her trauma with us, would today be disciplined for doing so – in the US, probably drummed out of the profession for HATE SPEECH.

I’m glad that back in the late 1980’s she was still free to speak.

Please pray for that dear teacher of mine today – she must be in her 70’s if she’s still alive, and I’m sure she still thinks of that day. I hope she knows she did right to share her pain with a class of misled teenage girls.

God Bless you