What a prayer to pray

Keith Johnson, Methodist Minister, prayed a prayer that would change his life.

He prayed to God and said:

‘Teach me to love what you love, and teach me to hate what you hate.’

This prayer lead down a road which has now resulted in him being shunned by the Methodists, as he began to grapple with a growing need, and love, for the Torah.

I recommend that you watch this video – it’s number 7 of 16, but it will show you something crucial that we, as Christians, are not privy to – and that is the way the bible texts were translated – to an agenda, which we find hard to let go of.

Keith is OTT (over the top), but he is full of passion for God’s word. His friend and partner in the endeavour, Nehemia Gordon, a Karaite Jew, takes the stage for many of the presentations, and his style is easy to watch and enjoy.

These are two men who love the Lord (or LORD) or Yehovah – as you will see. When you have watched this presentation, you’ll want to go back and start at number 1, and watch them all.

I have learned so much from watching these, and in particular, I agree that God is calling people to His word, and to His Torah and His Law. God has been working on me, and taking me in that direction for some years. I am so grateful for it.

Have a wonderful Sabbath!

God Bless you