Have some cheery pictures of the queen!

Giving and receiving some apparently masonic handshakes. Yes, really. Oh dear, isn’t it depressing – all this stuff hidden in plain sight. I think these are quite funny.

Here’s Ms Merkel of the Holy Roman Empire, oh, I’m sorry, I meant Germany…

merkel mason

And here’s the famous footballer David Beckham giving it his best shot!

Masonic handshake

The queen looks delighted.

But just in case you’re thinking the queen is a pushover in this department, see how she crushes poor Madonna – the look of pain on Madonna’s face is a picture. EIIR 1 Madonna 0

madonnaI’m not even going to speculate about what these handshakes are all about. I think we know that the upper echelons of society (the scum that tends to float), are very good at playing at being in the same club. Handshakes are one way of showing this to each other. Of course they could just be flukes.

God Bless you