Educashun, enslavement and oppression through ignorance

I went to a good school, but I learned lies. I was told all sorts of things which I have since discovered are patently false. I was lied to, and taught to believe lies. I have an IQ of 147, and I am an avid learner, so when I found some of these lies out, I looked for more. Most will not ever go to those lengths. Most will not ever even see one of the lies they have been taught.

education copyYes, educashun has been designed not to educate, but to shun real thought, real enquiry. Real education comes from teaching youngsters to think, to question, to research, to measure, to weigh arguments, to study sources. However, when even someone as well studied as Glenn Beck still says we (America) landed on the moon, I have to say this is a simple lack of enquiry on his part. He is serving his role in society right now – he is perhaps even a false opposition in some respects, I don’t know. I know his organisation seems to have been infiltrated by the CIA according to this interview, on the subject of Libya (Link). I can’t verify it…

But for many, a leader in the field is what they seek – they gravitate to someone like David Icke (watch the video David Icke Debunked here: Link), to Glenn Beck, to Alex Jones or one of the less well known ‘beacons of truth’ in the darkness. This can lead to a lack of discrimination on what they are telling you. You can find yourself believing things because they told you, and they were right about other things.

Education is what we all need. Being lied to is what we can expect. Don’t be like these chaps:

I know my placeFreedom of thought, freedom of enquiry, freedom of conscience and freedom of speech are all things we need to cherish.

As anyone who has discovered that evolution is simply not possible knows – society hates and shuns those who speak out when they find out they have been lied to. Academics who discover this, usually lose their jobs!

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