Statistics that speak for themselves: Tasers

“THIRTY-FIVE (35) Americans and ONE (1) Canadian have died so far in 2015 after they were shocked by police with a TASER.” (source: Link)

And 916 or more have died from being hit with a taser over the years. Go to the link above to see the long long long list of names.

Then I find a case like this: (Link)


They are alive, but what on earth do police think they are doing using any kind or weapon, let alone restraining someone who is having a Grand Mal seizure?

This is a gross over-use of the weapon, and this is because police are too gung-ho and aren’t being held responsible for the deaths and injuries that result from that.

I think some of this comes from the attitude displayed in the video in this previous post: Link where a ‘volunteer’ gets zapped with electric stun cuffs and all his colleagues laugh.

It’s time to ban this so-called non-lethal weapon.

God Bless you