Tsipras: a puppet for the elite buy-out of Greece?

Tsipras’ government have just added 10% VAT to food. VAT for those who don’t know, stands for VALUE ADDED TAX – this is designed for all those things you can live without – luxury items (although in the UK it’s on condoms and sanitary towels – hardly luxuries). We don’t put it on real food – it’s on biscuits, but not on cakes (there’s a lot of debate on that I won’t go into). It’s on confectionary. It’s not on fruit and veg.

Some European countries add VAT to food at a few percent – this is not even noticed by the wealthy, but is ENTIRELY REGRESSIVE as a TAX when it is on things people cannot live without. It is effectively stealing from the poor. To pay the bankers. Yes, it should be considered a crime.

Then of course, Tsipras is also SELLING OFF GREEK ASSETS. Can I ask you – who do those assets belong to? The Greek people – Tsipras has no right to do this! To put it on a par – imagine the UK selling off the Isle of Man to some shady moneyed magnate! Or putting it up as collateral on a loan!


What is so offensive about all this is that Tsipras campaigned as a leftist politician. He asked the people in a referendum what they wanted (how much did that referendum cost by the way? They are very expensive to arrange), and then ignored the answer they got:


So just why and how does Tsipras continue to do these things which are against the Greeks?

Tsipras sorosHe’s a puppet, folks. And just in case you think that Soros is just one guy with too much money – according to sources, he is a Rothschild agent. That explains everything, doesn’t it? But why Tsipras?

cipraSo Tsipras is no ‘fluke’ he has the right background, doesn’t he? If anyone can verify the information here and give me a second source, that would be great.

If what I have found is correct, then we can be sure that this man was set up to fail, and Greece will become destitute, it’s poor enslaved – all to please Ms Merkel, the effective (although not crowned) head of the new Holy Roman Empire.

God Bless you